Belipola Arboretum, Mirahawatte, Sri Lanka

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Belipola Arboretum 

The Worlds First Analog Forest



In order to share our human  space with the forests we have created the worlds first Analog Forest (AF). A forest that is similar to a 'native forest' considering structure and function. 

Here we offer:

Analog Forestry and related education workshops

(affiliated with the International Analog Forestry Network IAFN)




$20 per person per night / all meals included


Volunteer (based on skill and pre-discussed terms)

Belipola Arboretum offers you the hands-on-experience of how a forest system can be restored in a short time to support an early onset of ecological maturity as well as native biodiversity.


- Collection of rare and endemic trees

- Study AF

- Landscape for biodiversity and habitat observations

- Opportunities for research

- Alternative economic potential

Belipola Arboretum is the first such man made forest from where profound ecological ideas are practiced in an experimental as well as experiential manner.

Analog Forestry is making space for increasing native biodiversity in over 20 countries through the International Analog Forestry Network.

The work we do at Belipola is vitally important for, 

maintaining healthy

Biomass : Biodiversity ratios (B:B)

and is directly concerned with

Contributing to 

A healthy Global Commons

Belipola AF
Sunlight being turned into LifeForce
Placed in the early stages of the forest growth, this plant finds it's self in mid canopy 20 + years later fulfilling forest design criteria.
Mushies 13
Polypedates Equis 3
Jaboticaba 1
Screen Shot 2019-06-27 at 3.03.52 PM
Philautus silus (2) June 4th 2019
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Belipola Arboretum is managed by EarthRerstoration PL.




The experience of “Biophilia” has demonstrated the healing nature of forests, come and immerse you self in the experience and unique feel of a maturing forest 'analogue'' and its dynamic component of biodiversity.


Belipola is a research station for Analog Forestry design and implementation as well as your immersive state in the concept of “forest bathing”.

You can spend your time here immersed in the following,

Bird Watching

@ Belipola you are sure to see most of the regional species and some rare species too. Compared to any other place in the near vicinity, the sounds and actions of these feathered friends is sure to keep you actively involved in observation.

You are encouraged to take photographs and update our current  species calendar  and ongoing sightings 

Analog Forestry and Organic Farming practice workshops

Hosted by our partners International Analog Forestry Network /  Rainforest Rescue International /  EarthRestoration,  &

Facilitated by world leaders in ecological ideas and sustainability solutions strategists. 

(Please see our EDUCATION Schedule if you wish to participate towards an internationally accepted certification )

Endangered Species Collection

Belipola facilitates and maintains collections of rare endangered / endemic species of flora and fauna as an 'in-situ' collection of native and exotic biodiversity. We pioneer and facilitate research methods by which they could be incorporated into anthropogenic ecosystems defining ecological values for  conservation as well as restoration.  

You can participate with our staff in this task

Free Wifi

Is available in select spaces on our property due to "off the grid" location and forest density. 

In these designated zones, accessibility is dependable & consistent.

River Bathing

The river that begins in the Haputale Mountains runs below our gardens, is a iconic separation between the Analog Forestry concept we administer, as against the monoculture farms that are the landscape across the river. There are many available bathing holes for those willing to brave the cool water and white watered rapids.

We recommend the 'bathing hole' past the quarry (please ask Nuwan about this).

Trail Walks

Belipola is 20 acres of an old degraded tea estate. There is a peripheral circuit trail and many internal trails over lapping each other. 

Level 2 hiking - moderate easy with some climbing that can be avoided to the most part. Your walk will be in a high Oxygen zone that is produced by the leaves of our forest trees. These trees are alive and will uplift your spirits every step of the way.

Observing biodiversity, and listening to the (never) stillness of a mature Analog Forest.

Meditation/ Reading & Yoga

There are a number of available spaces in our gardens capable of hosting 1-4 persons for intimate group gatherings or time in seclusion. The forest we preserve and design is one analogous to nature, as such there are many effects you will be experienced in while you practice your meditation in movement or in still.

Adaptation Strategies for climate resilience.

At Belipola we are focussed on implementing strategies for mitigating terrestrial heat stress in 2019 by shifting our high production ('edge effect') landscape towards designing a more tree dominant food production zone.

Here you can participate to help us plant a 3 tier'd orchard comprised of native and exotic fruit that will yield considering minimal caregiving past the first 4 years of growth.

 EarthRestoration Strategy

(A tangible investment opportunity in bio-currency)

At Belipola you are able to observe and participate in an ongoing  bio-socio-economic experiment that is based on your contributions of Primary Ecosystem Services (PES) to the living atmosphere.

Our partners Earthrestoration PL has designed the worlds first regenerative investment economy based on photosynthesis.


Earthrestoration is a pioneering solution for mitigating current and destructive trends, to our global commons while administering a 'green energy'  driven social economy.

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Screen Shot 2019-04-29 at 12.48.45

FOOD and related...


The Analog Forest at Belipola Arboretum provides a range of rare and nutritious foods.

Our 2019 strategy for "filling in the gaps" by planting more tree crops in order to mitigate terrestrial heat stress, as well as to support liana has generated the possibility of creating minimalist menus that reflect the diversity of our Analog Forest.

We also source food locally from select home gardens and fruiting trees in the area that you can visit in your time spent here.

Our food is the result of​

- A wholesome and clean environment

- No toxins or agrochemicals

- A healthy organic soil as the growing substrate

- A sustainable design of native and exotic food crops

- Locally crafted tastes and flavors

- Dedicated attention to production and preparation.


Is scheduled, though can be made flexible in special instances. All meals are served in a common dining facility that is designed in a traditional old-home style kitchen that may often smell of wood-fire.

Breakfast and Lunch

is included.  

100% organic

Sri Lankan

Seasonal foods

Simple preparations


will be a creative 'mix and match' of above


light snacks

Belipola AF