Analog Forestry implementation at Belipola Arboretum provides a range of rare and nutritious foods.

Our 2019 strategy for "filling in the gaps" by planting tree crops and arboreal structures to prevent heat stress, as well as to support perennial food crops (liana and vines), has generated the possibility of creating menus that reflect the diversity of our Analog Forest.

Our food is the result of

- A wholesome and clean environment

- No toxins or agrochemicals

- A healthy organic soil as the growing substrate

- A sustainable design of native and exotic food crops

- Locally crafted tastes and flavors

- Dedicated attention to production and preparation.


is included for free.  

100% organic

100% Sri Lankan

Seasonal foods

(Locally sourced from home garden, farm to table and farmers markets)

Served @ scheduled times, though can be made flexible on request. All meals are served in a common dining facility that is designed in a traditional old-home style kitchen that may smell of wood-fire.

Perennial Crops

Promote sustainable harvest with minimum human input past the first year or two of tending.


Raw & Fermented FOOD

Experience seasonal Kraft and Cultured foods (local and international)



Analog Forestry Design to increase the output of PrimaryEcosystemServices (PES) in terrestrial landscapes with diminishing sustainability.

PES units also provide for an increase in soil organic matter and also provides habitat for biodiversity.

Jack Fruit - Perennial tree crop

Forest Garden experience

Our wealth is the forest system that which we observe and participate in symbiosis with.

We believe in considering the agronomic system we adhere by, "the forest is the most benevolent of living organisms, giving generously it's fruit and creating a vast allowance for life".

Belipola Analog Forest will inspire your creativity and experience you in an elemental state of nature immersion. 

We will soon offer you your personal Forest Garden Tea experience which you can actively participate in the process of harvesting.

Belipola forest garden