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4 Week Compost SUCCESS

Truck load of cow dung + forest carbs + 750kg of mineral supplements + adequate water = decomposes even the toughest straw down to fine bio-fertilizer for your land.

a process of 4 weeks, experientially yours over two days thanks to Mr.Lawrence THE PROGRAM WAS FACILITATED IN ALL 3 LANGUAGES

This plot will will require at least 6 tonnes of the bio-compost we will feed it through the year. in order to help us maintain quality and organic produce over extended periods of time.

The experiential composting workshop was a huge huge success considering Belipola is NOW fully loaded with over 25tonnes of high yield compost made on site.

The COMPST will be used in our organic growing fields as well as towards increasing production of Secondary Ecosystem Services based on our 'fill in the gaps' strategy for 2019 at the arboretum.

Ie: Fruits / flowers and plants that will feed the existing and growing biodiversity allowances that AF design and implementation generates.

BELOW > is a video of the first workshop held 4 weeks ago at the beginning of March 2019.

(FUEL and FIRE )

AF related workshops and experiences can be appreciated by all walks of life.

Learning was facilitated in English / Sinhala and Tamil crating an inclusive and adaptive learning environment.

skill and strengths of varied levels were included in the learning process and everyone was hands on!

YOU CAN PURCHASE ORGANIC _highgradeBIO-COMPOST from Belipola at 1kg = SLR 50

MADE WITH LOVE and good INTENT for helping to change the growing fields of Sri Lanka back to a safe and productive environment for our children to work and eat...

*We are able to have it delivered for "pick-up" to Colombo Fort RailwayStation.

(Please contact Belipola Arboretum +94572245033 if you wish to ...)

<Belipola is an Oxygen rich environment that is reaching out with simple solutions and a commitment to offer vastly applicable solutions for mitigating climate change and its effects.

Brand New Pile of Compost (ready for use in -4 weeks)

2 weeks old Pile

3 weeks old Pile of Compost

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