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A new era : Post Covid Crux

Consideration for sustainability and self resilience is something that humanity is faced with discussing during Covid-19 associated lock downs and travel restrictions. At Belipola we believe that this is an opportune moment to bridge worded intentions with actions.

The kind of actions and faces that define what a real revolution would look like!

At Belipola, when we formulate thoughts that are interconnected with sustainability and life on this planet, the end result is a consideration for landscapes and living biology that defines our contributions to the global commons and for those diverse forms of live alive on the planet.

Left : Polypedates eques in a habitat created at Belipola

Above: Land owners and advocates of Urban sustainability learn how 'grow roots' by designing forest gardens and being responsible by these designs.

How deep you want to dwell into learning is up to you, and the management at Belipola is happy to facilitate this process. At Belipola we are able to offer you options for 1-3-5-14 day immersions that will enrich your experience of how to integrate Analog Forestry into your life and envision a more sustainable future for humanity.

Guided by Dr. Ranil Senanayake, the International Analog Forestry Network and EarthRestoration we welcome citizens, activists, and entrepreneurs alike. Learning AF 'in-situ' at Belipola is a potent opportunity for anyone to grasp the depth of what analog forestry stands for when helping you to transition your life from living in the city to that of a spacious refuge in the rurals.

#movetotherurals #designyourliving #biologicaleconomy

Legends of Belipola, Ranil with Lawrence Goldberg brainstorming a curriculum for sustainable rural living.

Legends of Belipola : Ajantha Palihawadana leading Sri Lankan Orchid expert is opening his own collection of featured Orchids and AirPlants while designing and 'Orchid walk "at Belipola


Our experienced practitioners, graduates, fellow researchers, and students at Belipola, we are all ready to share our thoughts of living testimony for how analog forestry can define

- Biological sustainability

- Improve life and conditions for increasing biodiversity

- Creating habitats for conservation

- Preservation of species

- Design ecologically sustainable landscapes

- How to be of service to the living biosphere.

Arrive at Belipola and our teams are present to help you in these guided immersions, while we are happy to help you archive your time spent 'in-situ' at Belipola in a way that is beneficial for you.

Contact Belipola +94572245033 +94767191428

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