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Acai palm 'a super food'

Advancing our "global tropical" collection is the Acai tree, Euterpe oleracea.

The fruit is high market value based on nutritional values.

"Tastes of light berry and light coconut favour"

"High in antioxidants and minerals"

"Yummy drink Of hight nutritional value"

A NEW value addition to your home garden crop

What a pretty palm tree to bare alongside "puwak, Arica catechu" in ri Lanka.

Plants available pre-order from Belipola Arboretum.

Ready for planting, Feb 2020.



Passing by the doctor brought to my awareness.

This pretty tree,

with beads of purple on perky fronds...

to adorn.

To harvest...

sip and relish.

Prepare seed for over 3 months

And sprout fronds...

Of super tree-food.



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