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Analog Forestry welcomes skilled demonstrations.

This fine crew of global citizen are working at our farm in Sector U.

They are constructing what is called a "Hugal bed" in permaculture.


The Analog Forest @ Belipola a unique setting was conducive to the scale of work this crew are diligently administering up until the 2nd of December.

It was not easy getting these logs down ...

The Hugal bed was made 10m x 1 m, and extremely large due to available resources considering the Albizia moluccana that collapsed on Dec 19th 2019

Above: Belipola is a unique farm setting with mature forest structure surrounding the farm.

We invite global participation to help fill our canvas with landform art and food solutions that are considered of ecosystems and biodiversity.

Belipola is extremely grateful be able to inspire such skill in Sri Lanka.

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