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Analog Forestry is taught in Sinhalese (and soon in Tamil)

Overcoming the barriers that serve to distinguish various languages we're happy to say thanks to help from spirited volunteers, Belipola Arboretum has finally successful translated

Analog Forestry : A practitioners Guide to Sinhala.


Anlog Forestry is fantastically articulate scientific approach to sylviculture

Translated to over 6 languages across the globe thanks to the ongoing work and of the International Analog Forestry Network (www.analogforestry.org) what was founded as a Sri Lankan concept finally has been translated into Sinhalese, creating also the potential to collaborate on a Tamil version for broader application in Sri Lanka and south India.

More persons in Sri Lana will be able to practice AF using this wonderful learning tool and the resources provided for by the IAFN

Over time : successive serial stages provide increasing soil development, biodiversity, and canopy cover

A simplified depiction of phytoremediation - detoxification by plant communities

We are looking for collaborators to publish this important work "a how to manual" for restoring Sri Lankan ecosystems and saving remaining biodiversity in the shortest time.

We are open to discuss potential collaborators for translating into Tamil.

We invite anyone to come and learn.


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