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100 hrs of Analog Forestry with founder Dr.Ranil Senanayake

Updated: Jun 26, 2020

With exposure to Analog forestry you will learn about Primary Ecosystem Services and how to design landscapes / home gardens using a forest forests. These self regulating farms host habitat for biodiversity and develop real estate using the 12 principles of Analog Forestry.

All immersive sessions will be at the worlds first Analog Forest in Belipola, Mirahawatte, Sri Lanka. Your commitments to master the artform of Analog Forestry will include common exercises, field activities DATABASE referrals, referencing publications and support from the International Analog Forestry Network (IAFN : http://www.analogforestry.org )

Mapping based on forest formula and database referals are the tools used in designing an analog forest

Mapping based on Forest Formula and database referrals are the tools used in designing an analog forest

At the end of the 100 hrs your learning will help you understand geographical location within a given watershed and what affects that ecosystem regionally. The completion of 100 hours of AF will gain you the confidence to implement AF as well as incorporate in innovative ways to benefit yourself, humanity and the biosphere.



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