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Photosynthesis to sustain a living ecosystem.

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

In Mirahawatte, Sri Lanka the whole farming community benefits from the vast energy capital that is produced at the worlds first Analog Forest.

Using the forest as a backdrop, the small community living there grows diverse and nutritious organic food crops that are shared in times of food scarcity. The energy consumption here is held in check by the symbiosis of a healthy-whole-system and a developing farm of unique species and character.

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Learning to farm in this productive manner is a creative hands on experience for all ages and intellect.

As we strive for sustainability agrarian systems such as Analog Forestry study co-evolved farming strategies of tradition and mimmic natural forests as a guide to identifying optimal thresholds for energy flow through the given system.

We believe in order to improve biological resilience of agrarian systems that exist today requires an experiential shift and hands on action. In these times we live in reducing external energy inputs on the farm will not only save your money, it will convert your farm in to a living ecosystem.

We invite you to participate to develop our network of Forests Farms and Gardens in Sri Lanka and across the globe.


Building compost is a vital part of natural energy in any farm, and must be a part of a farm plan.

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