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Belipola inspires skilled forestry and conservation.

Belipola Arboretum has inspired 3 decades of Analog Forestry practice in Sri Lanka.

Here is a short video made by students of Belipola post in-situ learning in 2018.


Simple dorm style rooms offer you a canopy level immersion of the forest at Belipola (sector B)

Founded in 1982 the arboretum is a collection of rare, as well as analogous species who's design and placement have helped to grow this forest in the shortest time.

Rainforest structure observable in sector T is awe inspiring

Monstera deliciosa an epiphytic vine of splendor adds maturity and biodiversity function to the forest. The fruit of this is delicious :) but needs to be well 'cleaned' before being served. The fruit tastes like soursop.

The stratification of forest structure observed at Belipola Arboretum is awe inspiring. Designed by Dr.Ranil Senanayake during the years 1982-1990, The forest is now 35 years old.

We offer in-situation learning as well as off the beaten track experiences of life in the rural climes of

Mirahawatte, Sri Lanka.



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