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RED-LIST sightings: Polypedates Eques.

At Belipola Arboretum our learnings are compounded in-situ. We are focused on building 'analogous ecosystems' for endangered and endemic biodiversity of a given region.

Mountain hourglass tree frog, POLYPEDATES EQUES

The IUCN red-list is a 'global and peer-reviewed' directory of species that is under threat of extinction. The list places the "Mountain hourglass tree frog, 'Polypedatus Eques' as an 'endangered endemic' species in Sri Lanka.


It is a magical feeling when the work we do has direct correlation with the species survivability...

The distinct 'hourglass' that is an identification standard for the mountain hourglass tree frog, 'Polypedates Eques'. Photographed by Dejan in-situ @ Belipola Arboretum on May17th, 2019

Belipola Arboretum was designed with this in mind...

"Our work is focussed on building habitat that is 'analogous' or 'like' the primary forests of the region..."

Staff @ Belipola

A primary forest patch - RARE and CRITICALLY ENDANGERED

Because of a tree dominated form of agroforestry, it is easy to make allowances for these species and increasing our capacity to demonstrate how Analog Forestry not only provides for increased Ecosystem Services, it also provides valuable habitat for saving species that are threatened to extinction.

Analog Forestry implementation at Belipola Arboretum shows a similar forest structure to that of the primary forest. Designing this way will help to conserve native biodiversity that is under severe threat of extinction considering population growth and related habitat loss.

In designing habitats for biodiversity conservation, we can design skillfully to include species that are rare (in-situ gene bank) such as the exotic bamboo in controlled settings and include endangered plant species.

Thanks to the teachings of Analog Forestry and the focussed efforts of our crew at Belipola, there will always be habitat for these species in a manner that is thoughtfully designed and offers increased ecosystem services functions.

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