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Climate truths by the founder of Analog Forestry

Ranil Senanayake, Phd. is a trained systems ecologist.


Analog Forestry is founded and articulated by Ranil.


AIR / WATER and SOIL are the great global commons. They also provision for our life support system contribution ecosystem services to the atmosphere. Contributions to the "great global commons" is of significant value demonstrating rare and honed skill managing the landscape of a given region over generations in time.


A scientist of great merit with broad experience in global ecosystem restoration, Ranil is probably one of the most senior ecologists in the world with over 50 years experience working in tropical ecosystems. 

It is his vision that humanity can participate in the restoration process and be rewarded economically for doing so.

Belipola Botanical Gardens in Mirahawatte Sri Lanka demonstrates skill in conservancy and contributions to the "global commons"

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