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Designing a forest ecosystem

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Analog Forestry (AF) allows you to learn a language with which you can design co-evolving ecosystems that are similar to forests in the given region. The study of AF allows anyone the confidence to describe the native forest as a formula ...

Justifying replacements of a given species of a primary forest with species that fit the formula is the strategy Analog Forestry uses to make a given landscape productive in a sustainable manner.


Observations :

How to describe a forest by LEARNING AF NOTATION and LEAF PHYSIOGNOMY.

Applied learning is interpersonal and fun at the worlds first analog forest Belipola Arboretum , Mirahawatte

PRICING for education and related experiences : PP (meals and lodging inclusive)

AF 1 day (5 hrs) = $100

3 day (level 2 15 hrs) = $200

5 day (level 3 25 hrs) = $250

You can book your learning experience with our knowledgeable staff and commited curators. +94767191428 or +94572245033

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