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Ecosystem restoration with Analog Forestry

A well established Analog Forest (AF) demonstrates forest structures and functions similar to a native forest found in the region. The difference being that certain tree and shrub structures are substituted in a thoughtful manner in order to increase utility to humans.

"Ancient humans were practicing a form of agriculture known as horticulture or permaculture in the Amazonian rainforest 4500 years ago, which researchers have concluded is responsible for the overwhelming abundance of edible plants we now find there.. This long-term success of the “forest-gardening” method of food production serves as a model of sustainability for modern farmers..."

Source: The Amazon is a Man-Made Food Forest, Researchers Discover https://returntonow.net/2018/08/01/the-amazon-is-a-man-made-food-forest-researchers-discover/?fbclid=IwAR2JmETOODipB1jUtdblj0K4qNwThEdb8QlVOex66WRtoVwk4S2qj-NeBB4

Living ‘analog forests’ support high Biodiversity : Biomass (B:B) while improving life support to the living biosphere. B:B associated with an ecosystem is another indicator of its status and dynamics over time. There are specialized species that have co-evolved with their surroundings, while others have more general functions. Observing this type of behavior it is possible to reach conclusions regarding the way in which a restoration site is changing.

The founder of Analog Forestry, Dr. Ranil Senanayake lives and teaches along side his crew of dedicated trained naturalists, students, and young entrepreneurs who are constantly brainstorming at Belipola, innovating ways to restore degraded landscapes while creating tangible market potential for organic farming, Analog Forestry assisted restorations

Over the years, Analog Forestry has found significant long term success for integrating community forest farming as a means for sustainable livelihoods and climate adaptation projects around the world.

Consider that anthropogenic landscapes are amongst the most compromised ecosystems in the face of development and climate change, fast losing all its natural productivity and biodiversity.

In order to mitigate these losses and exponential harm to the future of our living planet,

Landowners and researchers, landscape artists, urban and rural citizens are invited to experience Belipola as living proof of how Analog Forestry restores complex ecosystems in less than 30years. At Belipola, we encourage you to discuss opportunities on how to integrate AF and sustainable living into your future; one that has great potential to grow wealth for many generations to come.


Above : Dr.Ranil Senanayake has articulated profound agro-economic methods for improving the quality of life and living in the biosphere. He lives and teaches close to Belipola Arboretum, where his once young tree collection is now a forest of great depth and maturity.

Belipola :


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