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Exercise in 'green space'

The trees at Belipola 'Analog Forest and arboretum' produce phytoncides, which can help to lower blood pressure, reduce stress and boost immunity.

The microbes in forest soil have been found to reduce depression and may contribute to the health of our microbiome.

Belipola forest Structure showing design aspects to sustain existing productivity baselines with minimal care, completes forest function by contributing PES

Setting the stage for 'easy' forest immersions and meditation.

A 15-minute walk is all it takes to reap the benefits, but researchers have found that a weekend in the woods improves immunity for up to a month, while a short afternoon run or walk somewhere green means better sleep at night.


Yoga / Meditation / Camping @ Belipola Analog Forest environment.

Sunlight at dawn through the forest canopy is Spectacular. Belipola - March 2019

the act of photosynthesis is generative of what powers all of life. Belipola is alive. Here is a healing space, and a space of growth

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