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Farming in traditional ways

Today the world needs to grapple with the reality of rapidly falling natural energy capital and unproductive agriculture that was caused vast destruction on terrestrial and oceanic ecosystems on over the past century.

These excerpts are taken from the archives of history. Belipola is aware of these archives and agrarian directives can help us define an alternate way forward based on a history of our once energy independent nation.

Traditional forest agriculture being encroached by modern chemical agriculture as well as the systemic destruction of biodiversity.

TRADITIONAL FARMERS OF CGIAR : https://www.cgiar.org

It is a known fact that across the world, farmers are expressing concern that the value of their support communities, traditional knowledge systems and personal belief systems were not being quantified in the evaluation of agricultural systems. They are inquiring why biotechnologies cannot be used to produce seed that can perform optimally in low input agricultural systems. They are concerned that the fossil fuel subsidy has not been accounted for, especially in terms of climate change.

Belipola Arboretum is designed on the strong pillars that support the idea that any nation can develop its self to be independent of foreign debt and excess of fossil subsidized energy systems. In the 1990's Sri Lanka was engaged with the world bank in order to gain backing for their understanding of how productivity was being lost. At a time when traditional agriculture was often dismissed as primitive and there is no clear definition of farming roles in the drive for global food security.

History of leadership and farming strategy for Sri Lanka :

It is observable that more-and-more value is being placed on enhancing natural energy flow through the landscape and farm, while farmers are gaining value for productivity and skillsets offering the best hopes for the future.

The following points are a summary of our discussions and findings presented at the multi stakeholder meeting convened by the NeoSynthesis Research Center (NSRC) Where farmer representatives were invited together with representatives of the national agricultural research system.

Interviews by journalist Edward Goldsmith, of a Sri Lankan farmer who's intelligent ways of communicating was able to articulated how Sri Lankan farmers were losing their inheritance of millennia being the guardians of a co-evolved ecosystem.



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It is encouraged to take the time to read this historical interview and work with to support institutions that promote these ways for the future.

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