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Food from the forest @ Belipola (August 2019)

Belipola is an arboretum of rare, native as well as choice exotic tree species. Designed as the worlds first analog forest Belipola offers a wide range of niche food species who's tree shape, canopy structure, and soil function serves to fulfill important forest function.

As consumers and niche growers some of the fruiting we are able to harvest freely from our Analog Forest is high value commodity. The enjoyment of this yield in-situ is a blessing and worth the experience of visiting us for.

Macadamia (August 5th 2019)

Inga Bean (Ice Cream Bean), August 5th 2019

Abiu Fruit (Aug 5th 2019)

Mulberries coming into fruit again for the 2nd time this year (August 5th 2019

Grown under this canopy, Belipola Arboretum sets the standard for climate resilient landscapes managed for sustainable harvest for humans living in proximity to forests of this nature.

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