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Healthy Biomass : Biodiversity Ratios

COVID-19 era researchers are predicting that humanity will be exposed to many infectious viral diseases likely to be unleashed from within biomass reserves such as natural forest systems that are being destroyed at a furious rate across the globe.

"The university of Warsaw in Poland, conducted studies indicating that the next severe infectious disease would come from Asia due to the region's high levels of deforestation over the past 40 years"

"In 2015 the government-led Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA) found that for every 1% of forest that was cut down per year, malaria cases increased by 23%"


The destruction wrought by 'development' is making viruses latch on to the fastest

growing whole system (biomass) population on the planet, HUMANS!

What can we do?

Forests are healthy biomes and act as a shield that prevent external communities coming into contact with animals and soil that host microorganisms which could be harmful to humans.

Systems of agriculture that work to increase Biodiversity : Biomass ratios such as Analog Forestry : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Po9Lba1Mr0Y can help regional communities to build resilience to the threat of disease and food shortages by mimicking natural forests of any given region.

Primary forest species that build soil health will provision the energy capital needed to creatively implement the 12 principles of Analog Forestry and grow regional productivity based on Primary as well as Secondary Ecosystem Services.

Restoring forest functions will help mitigate the spread of infectious disease and famine in the face of deforestation and climate change.

In Sri Lanka : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CQ2e1SdRAzk&t=74s

At the worlds first Analog Forest, IAFN ( www.analogforestry.org ) trained instructors and forest designers are learning how to restore whole ecosystems that objectively demonstrate benefits for a growing human population.

Visitors to Belipola are awe inspired by the spirit of our Analog Forest
Communities that live in proximity to Belipola Analog forest benefit from the innovative methods that provision income and food security within the region

Visit Belipola / Participate / Learn---> WhatsApp +94767191428

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