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Improving biodiversity and habitat values with Analog Forestry

Analog Forest farmers with deep ties to Belipola Arboretum in Sri Lanka are concerned with extending productive areas of landscapes under their care. With considerations for sustainability in the face of climate change and the need to find adaptive farming strategies, these landowners are frequently inquiring about how to achieve beneficial values from wholistic land management practices that considers biodiversity on the farm.

Above is shown landowners designing and articulating their vision for biodiversity and the wholistic management of their landscapes using the 12 principles of AF.

Below : Present at the session is Sri Lankan landowner and quality tea grower Mr. Udena Wickramasooriya who has followed AF principles for over 5 years and is ready to inquire about improving species diversity and habitat values at his farm.

The most profound experience for all participants was gaining valuable field insight from the founder of Analog Forestry, Dr. Ranil Senanayake who explains how planning for seral succession accelerates processes of forest maturity. he also goes on to explain that there were no 'rot-holes' or natural habitat when he first began to plant Belipola in 1983.

This experiential residential education module was focused to tune in awareness for identifying species and gene flow patterns from forest patches and home gardens proximal to their own farms.

Above : Practitioners of AF present at the session learning to observe indicator species and conduct ecological surveys at the implementation site.

The session was hosted at Belipola by naturalists Ajantha Palihawadane and Vijay Ananda and supported by internationally accredited AF trainers Nimesh Chaturanga and Agustina Cozzitorto. Please contact us for support with your eco-development project and for further educational experiences at Belipola Arboretum and Research Center, Mirahawatte, Sri Lanka.


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