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Introducing native Orchids to Belipola

Ajantha Palihawadana is a respected naturalist and an Orchid expert in Sri Lanka. Self motivated in his field activities and taxonomy he has been supported by many ecologists in his career. Ajantha's work together with Dr. Ranil Senanayake and Belipola has always held a special place in his heart.

Belipola will host in-situ learning and hands on experience through the years 2020-2021. Learn about Orchids, their propagation, andon how to establish collections of your own.

Native Orchid interdiction to Analog forest Arboretum at Belipola

Sri Lanka is known to have 199 Orchids including 55 endemics consisting of epiphytic, saprophytes, terrestrial, and aquatic species. These Orchids found in the costal areas, rain forests, dry and arid zones, as well as up to 4000 ft in the hills.

orchids being acclimatized at Belipola

Using his expertise Ajantha will introduce the following species at Belipola in the years 2020-2021

Nervilia Plicata / Nervilia fordii / Bulbophyllum sp / Gastrochilus Sp / Thrixspermum sp / Epipogium Sp / Dendrobium  Sp

Ajantha Palihawadana is a Sri Lankan Orchid expert and naturalist explains his features as they fit into forest GAPS at Belipola

History :

In 1983 when Ajantha was a young naturalist, he was a part of the crew that created the worlds first Analog Forest at Belipola. Guided by Dr. Ranil Senanayake, Ajantha was trained to improve ecosystems using Biodiversity and Biomass measures guided by the 12 principles of Analog Forestry .

Ranil and Ajantha walking into the Analog Forest they began to plant 38 years ago

Studying the physiognomic patters of flora will help to establish Ajantha's orchid features within select sectors at Belipola.

Bromilliads are amongst other similar exotic ephiphytic species that will be featured alongside our native orchid collection

Feel free to drop by Belipola or contact Ajantha for further info regarding orchids and AF learning :


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