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Introduction to Analog Forestry (AF) @ Belipola

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

Our final egroup learning for the year 2020 was completed on the scheduled for the 20th / 21st / and 22nd of December. Analog Forestry incorporates Genes and Species, to develop Ecosystems that are similar to the natural forest of a given area. https://youtu.be/lNPlb9I2SVQ

8 participants representing the North/West regions of Sri Lanka, as well as 2 continents from across the globe participated in the introductory session. Belipola would like to give special thanks to Mr. Jeremy Liyanage for sponsoring 6 young students from Mannar, Sri Lanka.

A diverse array of ages and experience AF practitioners were extremely attentive as well as excited by their experience they were exposed to at Belipola.

Our international instructors are trained in the science and application of Analog Forestry under the guidance of the founder of AF methodology Ranil Senanayake Phd.

Ranil is on of the most senior and respected systems ecologists in the world https://www.linkedin.com/in/ranil-senanayake-7a097313/

Above and below: Belipola is a applied research and resource center for international students as well as trainers in AF representing the International Analog Forestry Network www.analogforestry.org

Above : Schizalobium parahymba : Brazilian Fire tree (T9) in bloom at Belipola during the session.

Belipola Analog Forest is a healthy and resilient biome which can provision securities for humans in the future when considering climate change. Above picture is of a Sapothiphilum flower, the plant identified as an evergreen flowering perennial bush (P1), is also known for it's Oxygen production as an indoor plant.

In situation learning is facilitated @ $200 per person, lodging and learning material, organic food and time spent at our Analog Forest, as well as spend time with the founder of AF systems ecologist, Ranil Senanayake Phd.

Discounts for Under graduate and graduate students, as well as state agencies.

scholarships are available on request

Contact Belipola Arboretum (Richardo) PH +94770086773



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