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Introduction to Analog Forestry (AF) @ Belipola

Learning Session is scheduled for the 29th / 30th / and 31st of October

$200 per person, lodging and learning material, organic food and time spent at our Analog Forest.

Discounts for Under graduate and graduate students, as well as state agencies.

scholarships are available on request

Belipola is a living example of how Analog Forestry incorporates Genes and Species, to develop Ecosystems that are similar to the natural forest of a given area. AF uses forest formula to identify thresholds of sustainability, while developing whole system farming and diverse forest systems for the future. https://youtu.be/lNPlb9I2SVQ

Contact Belipola Arboretum (Richardo) PH +94770086773





Belipola Arboretum, Mirahawatte, Sri Lanka

Tel: +94767191428 

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