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Jaboticaba; Plinea Cauliflora - The Brazilian Grape Tree

AFV5 ; ERdbRef: 326

Young fruit now at Belipola, is seen (June 1st 2019) on the 'Brazilian grape tree' ; Jaboticaba; Plinea Cauliflora, a wonderfully nutritious tree food to be grown in home gardens

Beautiful tree and crop. The form, the crown and branch structure, the color, the fruiting, it feels abundant and cosy.

Supports biodiversity, and is superfood.


I will try to make a nice bonsai for someone special.. :)

Wonderful size for for home garden design.

Its the tree in the center of the frame AF notation V5

The fruit is like a grape, but a little more tart. Lovely to make a 'quince' type jelly with for spreads..., just like a Guava jelly.

Jaboticaba - Plants now available in Sri Lanka at Belipola Arboretum and RRI nursery's in Bandaragama (just off the highway)


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