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BioDiversity and the HomeGarden in the UVA

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

The Uva Province of Sri Lanka is special considering it's vast array of eco-climates as well as unique micro-climates within these.

While natural landscapes are under threat of dieback and extinctions at a global level, they are a few of the remaining natural ecosystems in the Uva Province of Sri Lanka, hosting a unique array of native, endemic and rare biodiversity.

Udakiruwa 2020

Bogahapellessa National Reserve Forest, 2019
Intermediate Savannah Forest, Udakiruwa 2020

Montane Cloud Forest structure, Horton Plains 2019

The structure of these forests in their most pristine form define the basis of sustainable productivity considering that energy flow is constant through a given ecosystem.

However in the context of anthropogenic ecosystems, the measure of this biodiversity can include exotic or 'alien' species of flora that are in many cases useful to support native species in an anthropogenic (URBAN / FARM) landscape.

Below are a few examples of how a homegarden is observed as an Analog Forest. AF uses exotic and value added crop while still benefitting the ecosystem at large. All of the following home gardens are found in the UVA region and in relatively close proximity to Belipola analog forest

Cacao understory for value added crop potential (AF note V4)
Wonderful variety and complete ecosystem structure demonstrated in home garden design
Complete intermediate forest structure in a dry intermediate zone home Garden
Exotic Bromeliads are a yummy and value added undercrop in a well designed home garden




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