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Implementing Analog Forestry

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Through the looking glass of Analog Forestry ; here are some tips that may help you transition and thrive into the future.

INTERCROPPING : By gaining forest formulas and learning to plant, productive designs we are able to teach you how to make your design sustainable without external energy input.

Use regional keystone species to create symbiotic agriculture and stability into these design.

CONSIDER High Biomass : Biodiversity ratios within the land under your care.


TREE-FARMING on your larger land plots:

Use trees that are useful in proximity to your home can yield values in secondary ecosystem services and products while supporting keystone features that will assist in ecosystem maturity.

CONSERVATION OF genetic variety : Identify and register preserving natural forest patches in the local area (Natives) ⁣

BUILDING VALUE CHAINS INTO THE FUTURE : Create a bond with some land, whether it's yours or that of a relative or a community of friends. A Commons Park or a community managed Analog Forest, or large scale restorations of degraded ecosystems which requires human connections and funding to ensure vital restoration work.

PARTICIPATE : With the people who live there, go gradually looking for ways to spend more time in the countryside than in the city, learning to plant, purify water, treat organic waste and heal in nature. Exchange, store, multiply and spread seeds (native, produced by popular and family farming)

Today during the COVID-19 era, more of us humans are experiencing restraint in our personal movement. Certainly we are experiencing a lack of nature which is quite demoralizing to our souls. The objective of our discussions will ensure that we will not pass this poverty and poor quality of life down to our children.

We hope to encourage those who are capable or interested to either invest finances in larger plots of land for themselves, or strive to build value chains that will improve rural landscapes with benefits for those who invest along with benefits to the community.

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