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Pile it, Toss it & Turn it!

Updated: Mar 13, 2019

Advanced nutrient for your growing fields - COMPOST!


A guided methodology for making a pile of high quality compost in under 4 weeks.

Participants - NOVICES

Forest Garden Organisms Energized@Belipola Arboretum

UNIQUE 4 week Process

Systematic annual schedule for meeting your productivity as well as nutritional requirements.

Program Start 6th April 2019

Participants will

Participants will

Make a pile of fresh compost

Toss and turn a 1 week old compost pile

Toss and turn a 2 week old compost pile

See the finished product from a 4 week old compost pile

Take home your starter 5 kg bag of biological wealth!

SEE YOU AT BELIPOLA on the 5th 6th & 7th of APRIL 2019

“Pile it, toss it, turn it” is a guided process for making compost with friend of BELIPOLA  and organic expert Mr. Lawrence Goldberg.

Mr. L will take you through a guided process for making compost in 4 weeks; an essential nutritional supplement for sustaining yields and maintaining a qualitative ratios of healthy soil & production.

The program is hosted over 2 nights and 3 days.

Cost = Slr 15,000 /= PP

All guests and facilitators will be hosted in comfortable (shared) lodging including 3 simple ORGANIC meals per day in a beautiful and oxygen-rich forest environment.

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