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Respecting Forest Patches

Analog Forestry is a system of tree-focused agriculture. Changing the existing agronomic paradigm and redesigning it using the AF system can help to increase critical forest function within anthropogenic landscapes.

Forests in a anthropogenic context refers to remaining forest patches. https://youtu.be/jlz_rZH1lYk These patches allow naturalists and future generations to appreciate diverse biological structures that account for a qualitative regional living by provisioning clean air and water cycling into the atmosphere.

The road to Belipola, Mirahawatte, Uva Province, Sri Lanka

There is huge value to preserving these remaining forest (patches) as they host space for ecological diversity. While we may never be able to restore these landscapes to their historical heights, we can make allowances for the remaining biodiversity to find refuge in thoughtfully designed ecosystems and microhabitats that are similar to forest systems.

Surveying forest patches around Belipola

A well mapped out Analog Forest WFP
Tree structures often complement successful long term farming strategies

In Sri Lanka ecologically connected designs help small holder farmers and landowners to develop an acute awareness of ecological patterns which are indicators of as healthy ecosystem. The designs replicate forest structures that are useful to make land more fertile and mitigate heat stress caused by a warming climate.

Using the 12 principles of AF http://www.analogforestry.org/about-us/analog-forestry/ we encourage farmers and landowners to take on the role of land stewardship, whereby one takes responsibility to account for the conservation and long term sustainability of natural resources on the property.

Belipola 'beyond organic farm

Belipola research institute

At our Analog Forest Farm research station in Belipola, students of Analog Forestry can learn how to design whole systems that are energy independent, while at the same time increasing long term economic income generating potential. https://youtu.be/wSWY2F_VarQ

We encourage you or the institute you represent to get in touch with us to promote fundamental learning on how to be productive citizens and land stewards as we each recalibrate our lives to ensure healthy living now and into the future.

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