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Skilled farmers = Food security

Belipola is a space for skilled farming practice and demonstrations. Farmers are trained in responsible landcare, organic farming, and contributing ecosystem services to the Global Commons.

Above : Our consultant ASITHA is from Mirahawatte (just up the road). He is a self learned, skilled, and super motivated organic farmer who has experience farming sustainably in many different ecosystems. You can meet him on a visa to Belipola and establish a valued relationship with him.

In Mirahawatte, participating rural farmers and landowners grow crops in an organic manner while also helping to design climate resilient home gardens and terrestrial landscapes.

Participating landowners in Mirahawatte, contributing verifiable transactions to the global commons.

EarthRestoration provides opportunity for added income potential to these landowners for growing the most important crop of the future, Photosynthetic Biomass (PB).


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