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The health benefits of forest immersions.


Belipola is a healing space. Over the past 35 years Analog Forestry application has healed the Earth by transpiring all toxins and producing Primary Ecosystem Services to the living biosphere.

The forest structure at Belipola is complete. The ecosystem is similar to that which was "pre-British" destruction.

Belipola is home to the highest B:B ratios in the surrounding vicinity. Using Analog Forestry, gaining these ratios is easy and fast.

Practicing Analog Forestry @ Belipola is not only healing to the Earth.

It is healing to all humans who experience its nature first hand.


Forest structure at Belipola Arboretum provokes 'awe' and is inspiring

Forest design that allows for visitors to feel full of 'vibrance'

The allowance for an early onset of maturity provided by Analog Forestry application communicates 'information' that is unlike conventional forestry!

Belipola is designed for a proximal sense of living 'in-situ' nature. Belipola Arboretum is designed to fill the niches a 'primary ecosystem' would in design and function.

Skillful design and study of Analog Forestry lets the designer utilize 'analogous species' to create otherwise extinct landscapes on degraded landscapes.

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