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Vegan-Pesto with Cashew

From Farm : April 2019

To Product : October 2019

April 2019 - Preparation of energy and feed for the soil. Thanks to Mr.Lawrence Goldberg and his dynamic crew from SunshineFarms, Silver Valley----- who trained Belipola staff in the art fo making HUGE PILES OF COMPOST :)

May 2019 - The far unused for many years had to be cleared with a considerable effort. 10 days of HARD labor with 4 workers on the job

June 2019 -

Aunty Karuna was happy to see the Farm looking bright, offered to rescue old plants and re-start crop cycles based on these available

July 2019 -

A farm plan was developed as a blue print to help design the ongoing crop cycles.

JULY 2019

Aunty Karuna is extremely happy at the way the farm is coming alive. More seeds and gifts were handed to her

Aug 2019

The results;t of a few seeds and a basic farm plan

Sept 2019

The demonstration of a transformed fully organic landscape.

October 14th - 2019

Ready for the dinner table and / or the market :)






Fresh Basil = Available on Farm 350g

Fresh Cashew = GIFT 300g

Olive Oil = Supermarket 1 liter

(but can be substituted with Elaeocarpus subvillosus ---- Belipola hopes to seed 100 of these trees in the next year)

+ half a garlic :)


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