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Weather warning issued

This warning was issued to day in Sri Lanka.

Belipola Arboretum is located in the UVA SouthEastern foothills at approx.1800m where

we have been feeling the effects of the said conditions. The weather has not been extreme in these parts, but there is a sense of the power of this occourance. We wish all citizens and visitors safety in being aware ...

Received information is shared from ER field office in Mirahawatte, Sri Lanka:

EarthRestoration (ER) is a restoration strategy whereby concerned citizens invest in verifiable contributions of primary ecosystem services (PES) that is transacted to our atmosphere. This biological capital is transacted by incentivizing stakeholders to contractually grow Photosynthetic Biomass (PB). The ‘contract’ of this exchange is an act of voluntary participation supporting the living atmosphere termed our global commons.

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